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Stairway to the Breeds by Ian Kay Stairway to the Breeds by Ian Kay ------------------------- To view a profile of the author, Select "Ian Kay" from right
From Local Club Shows to Classics, from Lancashire to Lincolnshire, via poultry shows at virtually every point in the United Kingdom, knowledge and experience spanning two generations have been gained to enable this unique book to be written. Covering 101 breeds, on which much research has been undertaken, the book deals with their strengths and weaknesses, origins and comparison, breeding procedures and beauty.
This book is not only full of sound advice, but humorous where necessary, and recalls many of the beliefs of famous old names of the past, which have not previously been published. There is no book to compare with this one and the fancy is fortunate that for only the second time this century (20th century) such a book has been published.
Includes guest writers - Sue Bowser - Silkie; Will Burdett - Orpington; Harold Critchlow - Hamburgh; and Eric Parker - Poland
With Contributions from - Sue Bruton - Sulmtaler; Lana Gazder - Fayoumi; and Doreen Smillie - Appenzeller
Over 900 historical photographs (60 in full colour) illustrating 101 breeds of poultry

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An introduction to Exhibition Poultry Vol.1 by Ian Kay Having spent over 40 enjoyable years of breeding, showing and judging exhibition poultry and waterfowl, it was with great pleasure that I accepted the Scribblers Publishing's offer to write a series of books relating my experiences and adventures, and at the same time hopefully be able to pass on the knowledge that could make you as successful as the partnership of my father, the late John Kay, and myself, showing since 1945 as John Kay and Son and previously from 1911 in my father's own name.
During this period we have had wonderful success with exhibiting birds and have gained a large number of friends in all parts of the British Isles, people who have given a great deal of hospitality, entertainment and pleasure which we would never have received but for the life-long interest in exhibiting poultry.
In this series of books I hope to be able to convey to you in a 'no-holds barred' style of writing, the principles and secrets which made our partnership so successful for nearly half a century, intermingled with a selection of humorous stories headed Jokohama Tails, and trust you achieve your ambition and enjoy the same pleasure from your hobby as we have done.... Ian Kay

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An introduction to Exhibition Poultry Vol.2 by Ian Kay This book continues in the same vein as Volume One, offering advice and encouragement to newcomers on selecting the right stock from a suitable breed, which will contribute towards the household budget and at the same time enable them to establish themselves in the fascinating leisure activity of exhibiting poultry and bantams.
Also included in these chapters is a host of information and advice accumulated over a lifetime's experience, which I feel sure will be of interest to everyone in the fancy and illustrated with numerous photographs of winning birds from both from past and present.... Ian Kay

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The mini-encyclopaedia of Exhibition Poultry by Ian Kay In compiling this mini-encyclopaedia, I have tried to envisage every abbreviation and term which might be used in a show schedule and at the actual show itself, and to clarify these meanings.
The various parts of a bird are described in correct technical language and often in local dialect as well. I have outlined the various expressions you are likely to encounter when discussing the appearance of show birds with fellow exhibitors and judges.
I have drawn your attention to the most common ailments and complaints in poultry, recommended the modern cure or preventative and included some reliable old fashioned remedies.
Invaluable advice is given on the strong and correct points of a bird to be included in the breeding pen and also the ones to be avoided at all costs. I have given hints on ways of preparing and maintaining birds in top condition.
Also covered are the main principles of general poultry, husbandry, accidents to poultry, incubation and good health, all titles being listed in alphabetical order for easy location, interrupted occasionally with light hearted experiences of ourselves and friends, recalled from the past fifty years, 99% of which I guarantee to be authentic accounts of how the event took place, and trust the characters involved whom we still have with us, enjoy reliving their experiences as much as I did by writing about them....Ian Kay

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A History of Bantams by Ian Kay A History of Bantams concentrates on Bantams and miniature fowl, outlining their basic housing, rearing and feeding requirements. Collecting from my lifetimes' experience there is a section describing in detail a host of ways by which you can improve your birds' appearance prior to being exhibited, by legitimate methods, and also listing the ones which are not acceptable. Believing there are many of us enjoying the pleasure of breeding and showing the many breeds of poultry and Bantams now available, but without thinking, take their existence for granted, I have written my interpretation of how it all began, developing through the second half of the nineteenth century and continuing to flourish until the commencement of the Great War in 1914. Whilst researching this section, I found it both stimulating and fascinating and trust that you will do likewise, when reading it. If so there is a chapter describing the procedure and methods required to create a new breed of poultry, possibly naming it after you. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs in colour and black and white displaying both current winning birds and also ones from the past, some instructional diagrams and includes touches of Lincolnshire humour. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it....Ian Kay

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book cover Call and other Bantam Ducks Call and Other Bantam Ducks by Anne Terrell, Ian Kay and Chris Ashton , covers the history and development of Call, Black East Indian, Miniature and Bantam Appleyard and Crested Ducks.
Full of information and tips for the beginner and experienced exhibitor and breeder.
Fully supported with over 100 colour photographs of the colours presently in the UK, including Yellow-belly, Chocolate, Khaki, Butterscotch, Buff and Crested Calls together with others from Europe.
Originally published by Scribblers Publishing Ltd., available from Poultry Photos and Books

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Hens in the Garden - Eggs in the Kitchen by Charlotte Popescu Hens in the Garden: Eggs in the Kitchen by Charlotte Popescu
This book is about keeping hens for pleasure in your garden, about their suitability as pets and the joy of having fresh free-range eggs. Hens and bantams come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Among them are Frizzles with feathers curling the wrong way, the exquisite silver or gold-laced Wyandottes, Silkies with fluff like cotton wool and the muffled, exotically crested Araucanas, layers of highly prized blue eggs.
The author has kept bantams in her garden for many years and this book is based on personal experiences. Included are chapters on housing, feeding, egg laying, hatching chicks plus information on breeds and common ailments.
The second half of the book contains recipes with helpful ideas for surplus eggs and left over yolks or whites. Savoury and sweet recipes include tarts, souffles, mousses, cakes, Swiss rolls, ice creams, roulades and meringues.
Finally there are several amusing and interesting stories and anecdotes about hens and their eggs, a glossary and an index. Published by Cavalier Paperbacks

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