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It is the curl of the feather towards the head that gives this bird its unique appearance.

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In some countries any bird with this type of plumage may be classed as a Frizzle but in the UK the Frizzle fowl has become an accepted breed.

Some breeders and poultry experts suggest that Frizzles should not be considered as a separate breed but just a variation on present breeds. The Japanese and Poland Clubs endorse this point where both clubs accept a frizzle-feathered variety of their respective breeds.

Where the frizzle-feather originated is not clear but it is believed to have been sighted first about 300 years ago in Southern Asia, Java and the Philippine Islands.

The Frizzle is available in both large fowl and bantam. The large fowl was virtually extinct until a handful of enthusiasts recently embarked on a breeding program to revive it. They are considered to be a rare breed. The bantams, whilst by no means common, are slightly greater in number.

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There is a wide variety of colours but the most popular are blue, black, white and buff. The hens are fair egg layers, laying extremely tasty white or brown tinted eggs. They make excellent broodies too.

You can expect three types of plumage from your chicks, frizzled, over frizzled and flat-coated. Of course if you are considering showing your birds then feather quality is of the utmost importance and selective breeding is a must. However, if you just want to keep these attractive fowl for pleasure and daily eggs, then a mixed bunch is a great conversation starter. They are hardy birds and are perfectly well suited to free range or outdoor pens. The Frizzle fowl also makes an excellent table bird.

The general characteristics of male birds are as follows:-

Carriage: Strutting and erect, Body broad and short, Breast full and rounded, Wings long, Tail rather large, erect, full but loose, with full sickles and plenty of side hangers. Beak short and strong. Eyes full and bright. Comb single, medium sized and upright. Face smooth. Ear lobes and wattles moderate size. Neck, medium length, abundantly frizzled. Legs & Feet: Legs of medium length. Shanks free from feathers. Toes, four, rather thin and well spread.
Plumage, moderately long, broad and crisp, each feather curled towards the birds head, and the frizzling as close and abundant as possible.

The general characteristics of the female birds are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences, except that the comb is much smaller and the neck is not so abundantly frizzled.

White Frizzles trio, one flat coat poultrymad©


  •  Cock 3.60 Kgs (8 pounds)
  •  Hen 2.70 Kgs (6 pounds)
  •  Bantam Cock 0.74 Kgs (26 ounces)
  •  Hen 0.63 Kgs (22 ounces)

Any of the following defects are considered serious.

  • Narrow feather
  • Want of curl
  • Drooping comb
  • Comb other than single comb
  • White lobes
  • Deformity of any kind
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