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The Plymouth Rock originated in the United States of America with the Barred variety being the first and was exhibited there in 1869. They were developed on commercial lines to provide meat and eggs to the rapidly increasing population of the USA.

Several breeds were involved in their development including Cochin, Brahma, Java, Dominique and Minorca resulting in a bird with a very open patterned colouring and broad feathering. This continued especially in America for many years.

However, once the breed arrived in the UK in the early 1870's the birds were quickly taken up by breeders who concentrated on improving the exhibition qualities of the breed. Their feathering became narrower and more distinct in the 'barring' with better definition of the black in contrast to the white and with a green sheen to the black.

The most important feature of Barred Rocks is that the 'barring' must be at right angles to the shaft of the feather, in other words straight across the feather and must not be 'V' or arrow shaped. This type of fault can occur on the breasts of male birds.

The 'barring' should be along the length of the feather including the under feathering and Barred Rocks pen Poultrymad© is usually eleven bars per feather on the female, with more on the male birds especially the hackle feathers. The ends of the feathers should finish in a black tip and not a white one.

The Plymouth Rock exists in several colours but in the UK the main colours are Barred, Buff, White, Black, Columbian and Partridge. Although 'Partridge' has become less common.

The most popular colour of the miniature variety of Plymouth Rock is Buff, other colours are Barred, White, Silver Pencilled, Columbian and Blue.



  •  Large Males 3.2 - 4.6 Kgs (7 - 10 pounds)
  •  Females 2.7 - 3.6 Kgs (6 - 8 pounds)
  •  Bantam or Miniature Males 0.74 - 0.86 Kgs (26 - 30 ounces)
  •  Females 0.63 - 0.74 Kgs (22 - 26 ounces)
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