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The Indian Runner breed of duck with its unusual very upright stance has become popular in recent times. Originating in Malaya it has been suggested that a few of these birds were imported unofficially to the UK around the 1870's. The only colours then were white and fawn.

A Fawn Runner was first exhibited in 1876, followed by Fawn/White in 1896

Trout Runner duck Poultrymad©

Since then the popularity and development of the breed has resulted in the nine (9) colours which are included in the British Waterfowl Standards and are as follows:-

White, Black, Fawn, Fawn/White, American Fawn/White, Mallard, Trout, Chocolate and Cumberland Blue

Cross-breeding with the Runner, helped to increase egg laying yields to other breeds of duck


  •   Drake 1.85 Kgs (4 lbs)
  •   Duck 1.6 Kgs ( 3.5 lbs)

Mixed Group of Indian Runners Poultrymad©
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